Terms and Conditions

Pre-sale Terms and Conditions

1) The potential customer unconditionally accepts and is aware that the legal, civil, economic, and fiscal relationship arising from the purchase of this product shall be deemed to exist “between the private buyer” and the “company that produces/distributes the product.”

2) The potential customer is aware, informed, and understands that Todaydiscounted, economically, legally, fiscally, is solely an external company operating in the online marketing sector, which, under its corporate purpose, may choose to engage in “advertising campaigns” for goods or services produced/distributed/marketed by manufacturing/distribution/commercial companies; opting to promote their products/services through affiliate networks, to which Todaydiscounted is temporarily affiliated. In other words,Todaydiscounted selects products/services from various affiliate networks, studies the brand, and implements an online marketing strategy at its own expense, leveraging various channels provided by the network (e.g., e-commerce, eBay, social networks, etc.), to generate useful contacts (leads/prospects) showing interest in the products/services. It then connects these potential customers with the manufacturing/distribution/commercial companies owning the products/services, transferring data and any payments through the appropriate contact forms provided by the affiliate network, proposed and offered without obligation to the external affiliate Todaydiscounted, to operate independently in the creation and implementation of advertising campaigns.

3) The potential customer unconditionally accepts that the data entered after clicking the purchase button may be used by the company Todaydiscounted exclusively to be transferred to manufacturing/distributing/commercial companies through specific contact forms provided by the affiliate network, proposed and offered without obligation to the external Affiliate Todaydiscounted, to operate independently in the creation and execution of advertising campaigns. Additionally, the potential customer agrees to receive future contacts from Todaydiscounted to propose new commercial offers related to this product.

4) Pre-order The potential customer fully accepts that by clicking the purchase/add to cart button, they are simply placing a pre-order with a person tasked with executing advertising campaigns, not with a merchant or the actual producer/distributor of the product. This is because: 4a) due to the nature of the product, the actual producer/distributor may contact you to ensure you can actually use the product. Only then, between you (consumer/potential customer) and the manufacturing/distributing company, will a commercial transaction be perfected, and you will transition from potential customer to customer, and the order will become effective. 4b) Todaydiscounted is not a merchant, does not own the product, is not physically in possession of it, nor does it import, send, or market the subject of this advertisement in any way. Only when your data is in possession and used by the manufacturing/distributing company, if the conditions are met (your pre-order confirmation), will a commercial transaction be concluded between you and the manufacturing/distributing company, and the order will become effective.

5) Guarantees 5a) Todaydiscounted guarantees to handle the potential customer’s data with the diligence of a good father, including every payment from the moment of order placement until the effective transfer to the manufacturing/distributing company, whether a merchant or non-merchant and/or producer/distributor of the product. Having activated the advertisement only to generate a lead, not a purchase, and thus a useful contact and NOT a commercial transaction, it guarantees the lead: assistance to the extent possible in any problems that may arise with the producer/distributor, without being legally, fiscally, or commercially obliged.

6) This advertisement is exclusively directed at individuals, not companies. Todaydiscounted does not engage in financial and economic relations with manufacturing/distributing companies, but only with the affiliate network that provides the offer on which to build an advertising campaign. Therefore, billing requests from companies can only be made to manufacturing/distributing companies, only during the confirmation call, which they may choose to use depending on their tax regime. And not to Todaydiscounted, as it is uncertain of receiving compensation solely for the generated contact but receives an unspecified compensation.

7)  Todaydiscounted does not guarantee that products are shipped from warehouses located in Italy or San Marino, and that shipping occurs via specific couriers, but only that shipping respects delivery times once the potential customer confirms with the manufacturer/distributor the pre-order, and a commercial transaction is effectively concluded between the two parties.

8) The potential customer unconditionally accepts that Todaydiscounted is not financially, legally, or civilly responsible for any type of dispute and/or problem of any nature arising from the order confirmation and use of the product marketed by the manufacturing/retailing company in this listing. For any disputes, refer to the manufacturer/distributor whose company details are always indicated on the package.

9) The potential customer unconditionally accepts that  Todaydiscounted is only liable for refunds for purchases made through the Paypal payment system, and only in cases where the distributor/manufacturer of the product receives the return request within the legally prescribed time and manner, especially for sealed products. Without a seal, no refund will be made.

10) Todaydiscounted does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the affiliate network and distributors/manufacturers, does not guarantee compliance with existing regulations by said parties, having no obligation as a marketing agency to verify anything regarding the advertised product. In this regard, the potential customer unconditionally accepts that concerning this product, the image is provided by the manufacturer/distributor catalog, and the packaging may differ in minor details, as the manufacturer/distributor reserves the right to change these details at their sole discretion. Additionally, since manufacturers are always striving to improve the products offered, the potential customer also accepts that the product content may differ from the description due to improvements in concentration and ingredients by the manufacturer. This agreement will be acknowledged at the time of the confirmation call.

11) The potential customer accepts that the primary payment method for this product is cash on delivery, which will only occur after a confirmation call and only after receiving the product from the manufacturer/distributor. If the potential customer chooses another payment method,  Todaydiscounted may choose to refund the customer immediately and transfer the pre-order data to the distributor/manufacturer, who upon receipt of the purchase confirmation, will proceed with shipping the goods for delivery at the time of delivery. . Or without any commercial restriction resulting from collecting the payment to transfer it along with the data to the distributor/manufacturer through the contact forms provided by the affiliate network.

12)  Todaydiscounted is not responsible for any claims made by any other online company, on any external or internal web page of our e-commerce, regarding the product of the advertising campaign.

13) This listing makes no guarantees, promises no miracles, DOES NOT encourage the user with deceptive strategies to pre-order the product taking advantage of any needs or discomforts of any kind. By clicking the purchase button and pre-ordering the product in this advertisement, the potential customer is aware that they wish to be contacted by the distributor/manufacturer to purchase a “product of their own free will, with no guarantee of results, without the usual satisfaction or refund guarantee.” ADDITIONALLY,  Todaydiscounted RECOMMENDS that the potential customer proceed with the pre-order ONLY if they are certain, following medical advice, that they can interact with the product and

that its ingredients can indeed provide benefits. In addition to medical consultation,

14) Purchasing the product by minors The purchase by a minor can normally be declared void, as a person under eighteen years of age lacks legal capacity. This entitles parents to demand a refund of what was spent, annulling the consequences of the distance contract. However, this principle does not apply in cases where the minor has concealed or falsified their age through deceptive behaviors or by declaring themselves to be of legal age at the time of registration on this site.

15) Pursuant to Article 52 of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 and its subsequent amendments and integrations, except for the exceptions provided for in Article 59 of the same decree, the consumer has a period of fourteen days to withdraw from a distance or off-premises contract without having to provide any reasons and without incurring costs other than those provided for by art. 56, paragraph 2, and art. the day the product is received at home.

16) Regarding shipping times, the potential customer, by accepting the pre-order nature by clicking the purchase/add the product to cart button and providing their data, unconditionally accepts that the operating hours of the distributing/producing company are as follows: – Pre-order placed by 2:00 PM, call within 2 hours and 30 minutes from the confirmation call for packaging and pickup by the courier of the distributor/producer, with delivery in 1 or 2 working days. – Pre-order placed after 2:00 PM, call within 12 hours and 30 minutes from the confirmation call for packaging and pickup of the item by the courier of the distributor/producer, with delivery in 1 or 2 working days.

17) Due to the purely advertising nature of the service, any negative comment, even just in response to the product’s inefficacy, posted without testing, will be reported for removal and removed.

18)  Todaydiscounted, the affiliate network, the distributing/producing companies cannot in any way be held responsible in case of the appearance of pathologies and/or any type of physical condition indicated as discomfort or otherwise detrimental to health. This is because information advising the potential customer BEFORE pre-ordering to consult their doctor and/or specialist, to be certain that their physical condition allows them to take or interact with the product in any way without posing any health risks, is included in point 13 of these terms and conditions. Not only is the potential buyer informed to be more aware of the risks arising from contact with the product in their specific case,

19) No written term used on any online platform by platform staff, for any reason, can be interpreted as a modification of the corporate nature of Todaydiscounted. For example, if e-commerce or other platforms identify  Todaydiscounted as a seller, this does not mean it is actually a company with a commercial purpose or that it proposes advertising listings for direct sales or transactions between you and a potential customer.

By making a purchase and thus a payment, you accept every word written herein.

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